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COFFEE 5.0 Himalayan white

COFFEE 5.0 Himalayan white

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Full pereability design,black/mips high matching technology breaks throual safety margin

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Dual-mode pneumatic Helmet technology  Imported EPS raw materials Dual-mode dual-density EPS moulding process

Imported PSI-POLYSOURCE-EPS raw material 0.8MM thickness polycarbonate shell is adopted. Dual-mode double-density stamping moulding. Make the helmet structure closer and resistant to impact and vibration. Keep your head safe

Break the wind and upgrade the ventilation and flow diversion system

Wind-reducing helmet design. The enlarged front vent guides the airflow through the interior of the helmet. Improve the flow guide system according to aerodynamics. A competitive helmet that helps you sprint confidently.

Ionic+ silver fibre technology lining

The helmet lining adopts lonic + silver ion technology to relieve the odour caused by long-term contact with sweat, promote the natural discharge of moisture through the fibre, and accelerate the evaporation of sweat to keep the head comfortable and fresh.

Multi-functional regulator, such as customised version, fits the head

Silky knob with three-stage adjustment realises multi-dimensional adjustment and better fit of the main back of the head, improving comfort and safety.

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